Wednesday, November 18, 2009

waning world of tv

It seems that infomercials on TV are starting earlier and earlier in the evening these days. With more and more digital channels, there's less and less programming. Commercials also seem to be more repetitive than even a year ago. I think I have most of them memorized from structured settlements to back pain, low cost health and life insurance for the elderly to hearing aids, class action for mesothelioma to protection from tax liens, online education to trying free instructional CDs, credit reports to credit cards (design your own!), mortgage companies and travel agencies that find the lowest rate for you and all of the major car insurance companies claiming rates lower than the rest (though I do like the Flo character).

Personally, I like the humor of how advertising was integrated in Wayne's World (above) and what Direct TV is doing by integrating movie scenes w/ their respective actors and actresses. As with anything else, there seems to be quite a debate over Direct TVs approach; it's the delebs that concern the delebers and delebrens (words for the New AmOx in 2010).

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