Tuesday, November 17, 2009

got words for you

The New Oxford American Dictionary recently announced "unfriend"(to delist a friend from your social network) as the word of the year for 2009. Runner ups include:

hashtag: hash sign used to search for tags
intexticated: people distracted from driving by texting
sexting: sending SMS with sexual content
freemium: free services as part of an overall business plan
funemployed: casualties of unemployment that choose to take time off to pursue other interests
birther: challengers of President Obama's birth records
choice mom: single parenthood by choice
deleb: dead celebrity
tramp stamp: a woman's lower back tattoo

I propose the following additions for consideration:

refriend: making amends and relisting a friend after unfriending them
emergensexy: desperate need to call 911 to relieve your sexual urges
devium: services you were led to believe were free, but your credit card is charged monthly
birthren: those that believe President Obama's birth records
stramp: contraction of tramp stamp

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